Posted: Nov 01 2018

The CHRISTMAS TRAIL has started in Stratford!

Grab your Stratford Christmas Trail vouchers at the Stratford Tourism Alliance Office at 47 Downie Street ($30 gets you 6 vouchers), check out the map and get visiting the 25 shops in Stratford's city centre to scoop up your goodies along the Christmas Trail.

This year DISTILL is giving out wee ceramic dishes by Allison Skinner (yup - me!)

I call these ceramic pieces 'REST' as they are the perfect size to keep rings or jewellery, put that tea bag you are going to steep again, the spoon or bar of soap that needs a rest or the condiments that will adorn a table to make the meal complete. There are countless uses! Please visit us at 96 Downie with your vouchers at the ready and select the dish for you - or gift it to a friend. 'Tis the season!