• 'Planter with Pillow'
  • 'Planter with Pillow'
  • 'Planter with Pillow'
  • 'Planter with Pillow'

Allison Skinner

'Planter with Pillow'


Planter is white unglazed earthenware.

Pillow is dark clay with oil spot glazed platform which planter sits on.

Small - approximate size - planter 5" x 3", pillow 6" x 2"

Medium - approximate size - planter 4" x 7", pillow 3" x 7"

It is intended that the plant is planted directly into the earthenware pot. The unglazed earthenware absorbs water and maintains moisture surrounding the plant. Each planter has 3 holes for drainage. The colour of the earthenware will turn from off-white (as seen now) to a darker yellowed colour with time - as water and soil and sun create a patina on the planter. If you want the planter to remain pristine and this colour, you will have to keep the plant in a plastic pot and away from the clay surface.

Made in Sebringville

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