True North Trappings at distill August 7 to August 30

Posted: Jun 11 2015

Rugged. Iconic. One of a kind.

That’s our Canadiana.

True North Trappings has a crush on Canada, and it is coming to distill.

"It’s the unmistakable shape of the Great Lakes that we have known since childhood. The way Hudson Bay reaches down into our map and conjures up images of trading posts and beaver pelts. It’s the lake where we learned to swim, the campsite where we pitched our first tent, the street where we played until dark.

A small town girl from Southwestern Ontario, I spent my childhood falling in love with our provincial parks and our city sidewalks. When I grew up, it stayed with me. And when a pile of wood from a nearby 90 year old barn came my way, I knew it was time to capture my lifelong love affair with Canada, and True North Trappings was born.

My collection of works for the upcoming distill gallery exhibition is crafted by hand with reclaimed timber from tumbledown Ontario barns. The series will showcase images that capture the spirit of Canadiana in bold silhouettes. Every piece is rustic, every piece is unique, and every piece tells part of the story of Canada."  Janet Mertens, 2015