Book work by Noelle Hamlyn - June 3 to June 30

Posted: Jun 08 2015

Book Work by Noelle Hamlyn 

in distill's lower gallery

June 3 to June 30

"The term upcycling refers to a process where repurposing an object enhances its value. I believe in this philosophy. These books have come from many places: Estate Sales, charity drives, personal donations and book fairs. Most were damaged, moldy or tired. By upcycling these books, I hope to ‘reframe’ and repurpose them while respecting their past lives. I am inspired by the textural stories these books tell - that is, I wish to celebrate them as texts, but also the way it feels to touch them. In an increasingly digital world, it is with joy that I invite you to share in this experience, and to bring your own stories with you as you consider my work." Noelle Hamlyn, 2015