Urban Landscapes - paintings by Duncan Johnstone - July 3 to August 4

Posted: Jun 09 2015

   This is Toronto's summer! On the heels of World Pride last summer, we now host the Pan Am & Para Pan games in 2015.
   To celebrate the colour and vitality of this city, distill is proud to present:

Urban Landscapes

Paintings by Duncan Johnstone

At distill July 3 to August 4

“Toronto is a visually vibrant urban landscape full of unique spaces that are constantly colliding and reforming much like the constant shifts in nature. Texture and colour stay in motion across everything as seasons change. Toronto has a life of its own, it has become its own entity, a man made natural phenomenon. Because of this I find I can only truly capture Toronto in Impressionism where there is a corresponding sense of movement and light, as I can only ever get a sense. The way Toronto is ever evolving and its dramatic breaking of the sky line reminds me of the mountains I grew up with in BC. Its sprawling mass shifts too much to pin down in a single moment.”

 Duncan Johnstone received a B.F.A. from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC. He currently lives and paints in Toronto and is the head scenic artist at Soulpepper Theatre.